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When YOU Buy From Me, You Agree That YOU Are RESPONSIBLE For YOUR Own Actions, Meaning..... If YOU Know That YOU Are Getting Off Work And You Are Going To Do Anything EXTRACURRICULAR, DON'T WEAR YOUR WORK SHIRT(S) ! YOU Are RESPONSIBLE For How You Wear YOUR Shirts ! This is a SERVICE That I'm Providing To YOU At NO Extra Cost Other Than The Cost Of The Shirt, EVERYTHING Is Set At BASE PRICE, I Make NO COMMISIONS Whatsoever On These Shirts ! Buy And Wear Them At YOUR OWN RISK ! I Know My Rights And My Rights Are RESERVED !

If there is anyone who wants shirts made, it could be your church, your organization, your ball team, your business, your cause, your brand, your message....it doesn't matter ! If you have a design already that's great and if you don't that's great too ! I will create a custom design for you at no cost to you ! I will make 4 or 5 pages or however many it takes to suite your fancy.Then you pick which design you want and buy it. I have set the prices as low as teespring will allow me, so....the price will be set at base price. No minimum order required ! If you want one shirt, buy one shirt ! If you want more, buy more !

What's the catch ? The catch is I want to PROVIDE as much VALUE as I can to ANYONE and EVERYONE who SUPPORTS The Steve Mitchell Golf Classic and ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants a CUSTOM PREMIUM SHIRT, HOODIE, ACCESSORIES at the ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICE WITH NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED !

Why do I use teespring ? I use teespring because it's the only t-shirt platform that I know how to use at the moment. Please check out my creation so far ! If you are interested please let me know :)


                                           STEVEN MITCHELL 

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                    Keep It Clean Auto Detailing

                         Spotsylvania County

               Spotsylvania County Utilities Department

              Spotsylvania County Parks n Rec Department

     Spotsylvania County Utilities/Public Works Department

      City Of Fredericksburg Waste Water Treatment Plant

                           Mark Sorrell's Mowing Service

                                    BIG HERM GAMING

                                    T & N Tent Rentals

             A Special Thank You To My Brother Grafix

I would like to take this time to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT and BIG UPS to a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND that I have come to know in these past 4 months ! This store or ANY of the designs in it would NOT be possible WITHOUT this man ! That goes for ANY and EVERY design on this ENTIRE website ! This man is from Pakistan and lives in Pakistan, he is a FREE LANCER and his PASSION is GRAPHIC DESIGN work and his name is.... you guessed it, Grafix ! This man has the EXACT same WORK ETHIC that I have, he works like an ANIMAL UNTIL YOU and HIM are ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED PERIOD ! Our time zones are conflicting because they are complete opposites but he WORKS around the clock to make sure his clients are COMPLETELY SATISFIED ! So it works like this..... I come up with a design and he tweeks and works it until I'm HAPPY and that's what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE ! He SPEAKS perfectly good english as far as I'm concerned and WORKS HIS ASS OFF ! This could NOT have been possible WITHOUT HIM ! If you would like to work with my brother Grafix, please reach him HERE !