Welcome To My Apparel Store !

I'm working on something completely new. I was contacted last week by a local detailing company that wanted shirts made. For now I'm calling my store " Rock My Logos " 

If there is anyone who wants shirts made, it could be your church, your organization, your ball team, your business, your cause, your brand, your message....it doesn't matter ! If you have a design already that's great and if you don't that's great too ! I will create a custom design for you at no cost to you ! I will make 4 or 5 pages or however many it takes to suite your fancy.Then you pick which design you want and buy it. I have set the prices as low as teespring will allow me, so....the price will be set at base price. No minimum order required ! If you want one shirt, buy one shirt ! If you want more, buy more !

What's the catch ? The catch is I want to PROVIDE as much VALUE as I can to ANYONE and EVERYONE who SUPPORTS The Steve Mitchell Golf Classic and ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants a CUSTOM PREMIUM SHIRT, HOODIE, ACCESSORIES at the ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICE WITH NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED !

Why do I use teespring ? I use teespring because it's the only t-shirt platform that I know how to use at the moment. Please check out my creation so far ! If you are interested please let me know :)


                                           STEVEN MITCHELL 

Rock My Logos

             Keep It Clean Auto Detailing

                     Spotsylvania County

               Spotsylvania County Utilities Department

              Spotsylvania County Parks n Rec Department

                                      T & N Tent Rentals

             A Special Thank You To My Brother Grafix

I would like to take this time to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT and BIG UPS to a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND that I have come to know in these past 4 months ! This store or ANY of the designs in it would NOT be possible WITHOUT this man ! That goes for ANY and EVERY design on this ENTIRE website ! This man is from Pakistan and lives in Pakistan, he is a FREE LANCER and his PASSION is GRAPHIC DESIGN work and his name is.... you guessed it, Grafix ! This man has the EXACT same WORK ETHIC that I have, he works like an ANIMAL UNTIL YOU and HIM are ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED PERIOD ! Our time zones are conflicting because they are complete opposites but he WORKS around the clock to make sure his clients are COMPLETELY SATISFIED ! So it works like this..... I come up with a design and he tweeks and works it until I'm HAPPY and that's what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE ! He SPEAKS perfectly good english as far as I'm concerned and WORKS HIS ASS OFF ! This could NOT have been possible WITHOUT HIM ! If you would like to work with my brother Grafix, please reach him HERE !